Thursday, February 24, 2011

Murray's Toggery Stand-Ups?

To the naked eyes these appear to be Patagonia Stand-Ups.

But upon closer inspection........Nantucket Red Stand-Ups?


  1. Unfamiliar with the term "Stand Ups"...please educate me....

  2. Based on the reeeealy short inseam on those, looks like the may have been a custom/cut offs and hemmed.

  3. MLS- Patagonia "Stand Ups" Shorts, named such because the canvas used was so thick, they literally stood up by themselves.

    They are great, durable shorts, with distinctive large rear pockets and offered in a reasonable inseam.

    Paul- I inquired with Murray’s out of curiosity: " we called that the "yoke" short, but don't carry it anymore".

    So they are legitimate, but the inseam is quite aggressive.

  4. Gotcha...thanks....learn somethin' new every day...

  5. Thanks for taking the trouble to check with Murray's.

    Language is everything isn't it? "Aggressive"