Tuesday, June 29, 2010

71 days.....1,652 dead.....


I just stumbled upon this site, it's basically a wildlife casualty counter for the Gulf Coast oil spill. It is updated with data collected by the Fish & Wildlife Service. Extremely eye-opening, and sadly at this point, who knows what the final count will be.

Sriracha: Most versatile sauce ever

I grew up using Tabasco and my fraternity house had Cholula exculsively, but my favorite hot sauce by far is Siracha, or rooster sauce.

As the Huy Fong website states, it goes with basically anything "It is excellent in soups, sauces, pastas, pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers, chowmein or on anything else to give it a delicious, spicy taste."
I can attest to that, as I douse just about everything I eat with it. Sriracha has just the right amount of kick and flavor, and the squeeze bottle allows for easy, liberal application.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wanted: Redskins Spurrier Visor

Though, Steve Spurrier's dismal tenure as head coach of the Washington Redskins is best forgotten, as his 12-20 record can attest, I would like to find one of the iconic Spurrier golf visors.


Zoogma was formed in Oxford, Ms, about two years ago. If you were in Oxford at the time, their farmhouse late-night shows were pretty legendary, as were the hangovers the next day.
Fans of STS9, P-Groove or Pretty Lights, will probably like what they are layin down, so download their free cd, Recreational Vehicles.
This summer they are touring the southeast pretty extensively, so if you have a chance, check them out.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mississippi on the Mall

There are several events happening this weekend in the DC metro area that I would love to attend, but I'll be heading down south to Atlanta, GA for a friend's wedding.
If you're in the DC area, and looking for weekend plans, here are few ideas.

Mississippi on the Mall- Featuring former WSP guitarist and Ole Miss alum, George McConnell, McAlister's sweet tea, booze and fried catfish.

2nd Annual Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival- With over 60 Beers and 40 Bourbons and all you can eat BBQ, this festival is a guaranteed good time.

2nd Annual Old Ebbitt Grill Block Party-Old Ebbitt Grill is a DC institution and with 6 bands, Old Ebbitt catering and a blocked off G street, this party can't go wrong.

I'm almost relieved to be going out of town, as it would be hard to choose.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Father's Day

I'm pretty terrible with gifts, but these Whisky Stones, as featured in Garden & Gun, seem to be the perfect expression of appreciation. God knows, I've driven my father to drink due to my antics, a few times over the years.

Paired with the Riedel stemware, I bought my mother for Mother's Day and my parents are boozin' in class.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Sunday Movie: White Squall

White Squall, pretty entertaining sailing/Jeff Bridges movie.

Polo shirt, croakies and wayfarers.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Currently Listening to....OCMS

Old Crow Medicine Show- Tennessee Pusher
I've had this album since it was released two years ago, but did myself the disservice of not listening to it until recently.
Favorite tracks- Methamphetamine, Crazy Eyes, Alabama High-Test, Highway Halo.

I can't really mention Old Crow, without mentioning Wagon Wheel, which was played on repeat, ad nauseam, at every fraternity house, late night and SUV, my freshman year at Ole Miss.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ole Miss Baseball- The Road to Omaha

Ole Miss baseball, currently ranked 22nd in the nation, will continue it's quest to Omaha tonight at 7pm, taking on St. Johns in Charlottesville, Virginia. The host team, University of Virginia, will be playing Virginia Commonwealth.
I'm hoping Virginia and Ole Miss win, which will set up a rematch of last years Super Regional in Oxford, MS, where Virginia managed to upset the Rebels.
The Rebels has struggled to be consistent offensively all year, but if we can feed off the arm of our star pitcher, Drew Pomeranz, I think we could pull out a W. Hotty toddy.

I'm hoping some of our fans make the trip, to cut into the hostile home field advantage.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

44 days.......

Hopefully, after the NBA finals, something will be done to address the Gulf Coast, its environment, wildlife and people. Humorous take on a shitty situation.
EDIT-Ashton Kutcher is an idiot, not exactly ground breaking news.

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27 Days.....

Until the release of Hot Tub Time Machine!!!! I was skeptical, upon arrival at the theater, but this movie did not disappoint. I would put it on par, or above The Hangover. If you did not get the pleasure of seeing in theaters, I suggest you rent it, even buy it.
I think this clip illustrates the sheer awesomeness of the movie.

Mötley Lou