Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Koozies are a great place to park your beer-keeping the contents cold while protecting your hand from condensation, and also often protecting the fact you're drinking Natural Light in a sports coat.
I've also found koozies are a cheap and easy way to remember memorable places and events, here a few I've managed to hold on to:

L-R: South Carolina Inaugural BBQ 2007, Rebels for McCain, Peg Leg Pete's, Flora-Bama, and the Shark Tank-Cotton Bowl 2010.



  1. Perhaps most importantly, the thermodynamic effect of keeping your beer cold....

  2. Excellent choice with the "City Bar loves KKG" koozie, City Bar was one of my undergrad haunts.

  3. Brad-I was in Athens for the Georgia-Alabama blackout game a few years ago, I had a great time at City Bar and a few other establishments.
    Unfortunately, the game was slightly a blow out. I

  4. Haha lovin' The Levee koozie... man I hate that place now, but when I was 19, I was there all the time.

  5. The Koozie is a great approach to keep your wine bottles as well as beverages neat and also relaxing all the period. Celebrate for the best reward for the person who wishes to often feel renewed as well as peaceful.
    I want these because they are so perfect for our busy lives and so convenient.
    Hi, visiting you here with smile and peace...Cheers! love koozies.

  6. I strongly agree with you.
    Your idea is so meaningful.
    I love koozies!