Friday, March 4, 2011

Ole Miss Baseball 2011

The Ole Miss Rebels are off to a 10-1 start, ranked 28th nationally, and in the midst of a 15 home game stand. I would love to spend this weekend watching the Rebels play Tulane from the right field student section of Swayze Field.
Cold beer, crawfish, friends and baseball-it doesn't get much better than that.

UGA on Swayze Field:

"It's the best environment I've been around,” Georgia slugger Rich Poythress said. “I've been to LSU. I've been a lot of places, and it's the best environment, other than Omaha, that I've seen in college baseball."

"It's not just the environment,” UGA head coach Dave Perno said. “It's the stadium. They've got everything. It's done right. It's the best we've been in, not just the environment and being tough to play in, but just the looks, the aesthetics. Everything's done right and I tip my hat to Mike and Ole Miss and their athletic department. They've done a great job."


  1. My son is a freshman at Ole Miss and had been scheming to have his brother, his old girlfriend from HS and her best friend (all 16 yr old juniors in HS) make the 5 1/2 trek to Oxford this weekend, supposedly because there were some great baseball games and "lots of stuff going on". The plan was aborted when the girls' parents found out....and we discovered that the Sigma Chi Groundhog Day party was probably the "lots of stuff going on" that he neglected to mention. I think that boy forgets we went to college once, but it was a good try. DOTR will generally agree to anything if baseball is in the mix, so he nearly pulled it off.

  2. Hard to beat college baseball. I'm planning on getting over to Clemson for a game, over to Athens (even though the Bulldogs are 'rebuilding'), and down to GT. Lots of good options around these parts.

  3. MOTR- Haha, classic. You can't blame him for trying. Y'all should head down for a guaranteed great weekend.

    JRS- Added a quote to the post, just for you.

  4. Ain't nothing like SEC baseball, but Baum Stadium trumps all. Go Hogs!