Monday, July 19, 2010

RIP James Gammon

WithLeather sums it up perfectly-

"Major League is the greatest baseball movie of all time. And yes, I know that Field of Dreams, The Sandlot and The Natural exist. There are only so many baseball comedies out there, and even fewer that don’t involve children. And in Major League, there was a cast of characters so over the top and ridiculous, that only one man that could get them to ban together and win some games. That man was Lou Brown, who was played by James Gammon. Gammon died Friday, and he was a goddamn legend."


  1. Yeah, tough one. One of my favorite movies (hence my recent post).

    "You trying to say Jesus Christ can't hit a curve ball?"

  2. Great movie. I wish I could pull off a t-shirt, sports coat and jeans like Tom Berenger, or Huey Lewis, for that matter.

  3. Do not forget his role in Urban Cowboy....he hooked Bud up with the two hotties...