Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chronicles of Frat Cat

Frat Cat is a member of the Ole Miss Facebook network. I pulled these directly from Frat Cat's Facebook photo album, aptly titled "Just Another Night in the Frat Life". I hope Frat Cat doesn't mind.
I found it pretty hilarious.

Whats up Bitches! Dude I just got out of my marketing exam, it was fucking hard. Fuck no I didn't study. I haven't been to class in like 3 weeks. My teacher is a fuckin douche, he made our exam so fuckin hard. Oh well, fuck it, I can retake the class this summer. No I told you i'm only livin to Charleston for a month. Dude, can I have one of your beers in here? What happened to all that left over pizza?

Hold on man, I'm gonna throw on some tunes. What do ya'll think about some classic rock or country? Fuck No man, put on the 80's CD. Ok but later when the bitches get here, we have to put on some hard rap, man. That shit gets them goin!

Dude, man, this is only like my 10th beer and i'm already kinda drunk. I mean its only 7 o'clock. Damn man, im gettin hungry, but if i eat ill lose my killer buzz. Oh well, its past 5:30 anyway and the house already stopped servin.

Hey man, you got a lighter? I left mine in my Tahoe. Fuck it dude, i dont even care if Cigs are bad for you. Im still gonna smoke em.
Hey man, can i throw this lighter down on the street? Dude, i promise it will be Bad fuckin ass! Dude, It fuckin explodes. It's the shit man.

I can't believe you want me to take this Whisky shot. This is good fuckin whisky...oh well, im not payin for it, its on the fuckin rush tab. Who wants a shot? What time do ya'll want to go to the bar? i say we go early so we can start gettin the girls really drunk.

Man, these fuckin whisky shots are startin to hit me, i need to sit down a second. Hey is that baseball game on yet? Lets go to the Sports Bar so we can watch it man. Holy Shit, Chapelle's show is on...dude we have to watch that! Its my fuckin Favorite. Turn this WSP down man, i can't hear the big screen.

Hey fuckers! who wants a jager bomb? No ill fuckin buy it man, its on dad's fuckin credit card anyway, i dont give a fuck.
Hey what are ya'll names? Well nice to meet you. What sorority are ya'll in? fuckin right, I love them. Let me buy yall a few shots!

Hey man, have you seen those bitches ? I just bought them 3 shots each and they fuckin left. Forget it man. Ill just find some more. Hey you got that lighter again man? Wheres fuckin late night at? I want to get some serious sorority ass tonight. But what the Fuck else is new??!! I dont care if she's Fat!! Fuck it, I'm Drunk.

Damn, i thought ya'll were havin late night over here? Yall got any beer? You only have a case? what the fuck? I already drank like 17 beers by myself tonight. Dude, no girls are gonna come unless you have a keg, or atleast some jello shots. Dude can i have some of this Whisky in here. i dont care if its from freshman year. Ill fuckin drink it!

Hey. Ya'll wanna order a pizza or somethin? Ill fuckin pay for it. No dude we have to get pepperoni! Dude great fuckin late night, no girls showed up. It's a fuckin sausage fest over here. Is that pizza here yet?

Dude, i can't believe i'm fuckin textin this bitch. I haven't talked to her since last year. No dude, not that one. yeah dude shes pretty cool, and she puts out. Fuck it dude, im gonna text her. I hope she fuckin went out. She probably went to Billards or some shit! HaHA Dude she didn't text me back. Fuck her. shes fuckin gross anyway. Im about to pass the fuck out man. Damn i got class tomorrow at 8! i dont care, not like i go anyway.


  1. Hahaha I love Frat Cat!!! I'm friends with him on Facebook too, and was telling someone about him just the other day... HILARIOUS!

  2. haha, I think the stereotypes and timeline are pretty on point.