Monday, May 17, 2010

EOO Approved Collection

Orvis Shotgun Shell Braided Belt- For some reason discontinued off the Orvis website, but available new on Ebay.

Nobadeer Sandwich- From the Jetties . You can't really beat Thanksgiving dinner in sandwich form.

Passion Pit at the 9:30 Club, June 3rd.

Drive-By Truckers at the 9:30 Club, July 23rd. Missed the show at the Recher Theatre, so it's good to hear they are playing the DC area again.

Ole Miss vs. Boise State- Our 2011 Season Opener, Ole Miss stepping up to the plate. Hotty Toddy.
Interesting fact: Houston Nutt's first D1 head coaching job was at Boise St.


  1. I'm so glad it's going to be a one-and-done series with Boise State... I don't want to go play up there.

    PS 2 of Boise State's 4 losses to SEC teams came at the hands of Houston Nutt coached Arkansas teams (another interesting fact).

  2. It's definitely a risky/ballsy move, and I was unaware of that Arkansas/Boise St. fact. thanks
    I believe we already bit off more than we can chew, with the two game series vs. Texas, but Austin should be pretty rowdy.