Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Versatile Barbour Rear Game Pocket

While some prefer the shorter length and closed sleeves of the Barbour Bedale, I'm personally a fan of the Barbour Beaufort. While I actually do prefer the longer cut of the Beaufort, the real reason I prefer the Beaufort is due to the rear game pocket. I've found this pocket to be infinitely useful. While originally designed for the field, it is just as versatile in an urban setting.

During my weekday Metro commute, I use it to carry a variety of things- the latest issue of Garden & Gun, LSAT materials, a vest-if I need an additional layer, beverages and snacks-basically anything I could need.
On the weekends, it is equally as useful- sneaking hooch into sporting/social events, carrying groceries or dog accessories- the game pocket really is the best thing about my Barbour.

Though the new Barbour Middleburn Jacket, despite not featuring a game pocket is tempting.........


  1. I have secreted many a beer and pint of Bourbon into College football games in my trusty game pocket.
    LSAT materials....say it ain't so...I have been practicing 20 years and can tell you the profession is harder now than ever....but happy to give you any pointers I can about Law School and can be a very satisfying profession times...

  2. MLS-Thank you, I'd definitely be interested in discussing a few aspects of the profession with you. Also, have a safe trek to Vermont.

  3. e-mail me in Jan. we can exchange phone numbers and touch base