Sunday, December 5, 2010

RIP Yocona in Exile

Yocona River Inn

Earlier this year I was shocked to learn that one of my favorite restaurants in Northern Mississippi, Yocona River Inn, was closed indefinitely due to a fire. Yocona River Inn was known for it's Yocona Sauce(a wine and molasses reduction), delicious filets and brown bag policy. Yocona was a great place to go for a wide variety of occasions- birthdays, post grove celebrations, rush events, formals-so it was greatly missed after it's untimely destruction.
Thus, I was pleased to learn that the owners had opened a new restaurant, Yocona in Exile, which had the same excellent food and charm of the original location. I'm once again dismayed to learn Yocona in Exile is closed permanently as of Sunday, due to the lackluster economy. I can only hope that the owners are able and willing to open up a new location once the economy cycles again.

Yocona in Exile


  1. This was the location of Ruth & Jimmies, an excellent meat and three that was also part grocery and bait shop.

    Too bad Yocona in Exile couldn't make it.

  2. Interesting, thank you for the insight. How long ago was that?

  3. I was there in the mid-80's. I think they went out of business about 10 years ago. The "restaurant" part of the store was a stove and counter in the back with a couple of tables on the side. You sat at the counter and watched the ladies prepare the food in front of you. A meat & 3 was about $4, cheap even at that time. Here's a little description from roadfood: