Monday, August 23, 2010

Ole Miss vs. Tulane

Unfortunately, it looks as if I will not be able to travel to the Grove this year to see my beloved Ole Miss Rebels play, due to our lackluster home schedule and the travel involved.
However, I will be making the trip to New Orleans the second week of September to see Ole Miss play Tulane in the Superdome.
This should be a pretty rowdy weekend, since New Orleans is a short five hour drive from Oxford, MS, and the game is scheduled to have an 8pm kick off time, giving the fans plenty of time to be over served.
The secret to a successful weekend in New Orleans is creating a balance between downtown and uptown, too many people get sucked into staying on Bourbon at some tourist trap, when there are several nicer and just as "New Orleans" bars Uptown.
Here a tentative schedule for the weekend
Friday-Fly in at 9pm, meet everyone on Bourbon, probably at Paddy O's.

Saturday- Bloody Mary's at Port of Call, head Uptown for lunch and margaritas at Superior Grill, the Cactus Cantina of the south, followed by heckling Tulane fans at traditional Tulane bars such as the Boot, Bruno's and Fat Harry's. Head back to Bourbon around 5 and start heading towards the Superdome. The latter part of the night will really depend on the outcome of the game, but I would love to head back Uptown for late night at F&M's, but we'll see.

Hotty Toddy.


  1. "Cactus Cantina of the South" - TFM

  2. Wish I was headed to the Tulane game... but I will be gracing the Grove's presence for the Vandy game. Commence some serious shit talking up here in Nashville... Hotty Toddy!