Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LL. Bean Signature Luggage

Here is my mandatory LL. Bean Signature Fall post- I think the whole fall line-up looks superb, and I hope to own at least a half dozen of the pieces.
The items that really impressed me are the re-released luggage pieces, specifically the Bean's Vacation Bag and Bean's Zipper Duffle.
I have been resisting the idea of a new travel bag, since my North Face duffle has been so faithful to me, having followed me on countless excursions, from SEC roadtrips to Europe and South-East Asia, and everything in between.

While I love my current travel bag, I feel that since I am now, a distinguished Alumni of the "Harvard of the South", no less, I need a bag that screams class and sophistication, for which I feel these LL.Bean bags are up to the task. If only my bank account was similarly, up to the task

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