Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pheasant Valley Farm

I was fortunate enough to be invited on a pheasant hunt this past weekend, while I was visiting my girlfriend's extended family in Pennsylvania. The hunt took place at Pheasant Valley Farms, which is located right outside of Reading, PA. The hosts at Pheasant Valley will release birds ahead of time for you, provide a guide and dogs, and also clean your birds after your hunt.
We were lucky to go the day after a field trial, so there was an abundance of birds to be had.

Eager to go


  1. Too bad in Penna we have to settle for preserve hunting for Pheasants these days...but it is still fun...and the rooster and hens are still tasty on the table.
    For a really good place, try Bittner's Wild Wings in Kempton PA....not far from where you were...and superior birds and terrain...tell Larry Bittner I sent ya...

  2. It is a shame, I heard Berks County was known for its wild pheasant hunting in the past before they were over hunted.
    I appreciate the recommendation, I might be in the area for thanksgiving so I'll have to check Bittners out.

  3. I spy some nice looking pups! xx