Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wanted: Mount Gay Rum Visor

So elusive. While the coveted red hats are still rewarded for participation in a Mount Gay sponsored Regatta, the visors haven't been manufactured since the 80's. Here's a great video about the history and modern tradition of Mount Gay Rum and it's special place in the hearts and livers of sailors worldwide.
pic courtesy of stuartross18 via scuttlebutt forum.


  1. At the Boathouse restaurant in Annapolis and entire glass case is fill with visors and caps. I'm surprised it hasn't been broken into and cleaned out...

  2. DAM - let me know if you ever pull off the heist...

  3. You'd think I didn't graduate middle school with the grammar in that first post. Let's try this again:

    At the Boathouse restaurant in Annapolis, MD, there is an entire glass case filled with Mt. Gay visors and caps...